Benefits of potatoes.

Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a herbaceous plant of the family solanaceae. Potato are native from South America. They are cultivated more than 120 countries. But its spreading in some places has it own history. For example, in the forties of the nineteenth century the potato was cultivated almost in all Europe. In some regions of Russia it not was still recognized. Some people who did not have necessary knowledge spread rumors, as if they were the “apple of the devil,” and if they will plant him, he defiled the earth, and not will be bread had any more. But after shortly period through all the villages spread the news : all peasants are obligation to plant of the “apple of the devil.” So a ordered the Emperor. In this period in Russia, was Emperor Nikolay II, who was  nicknamed “Palkin”, from the Russian word ” палка” that is “stick”, because the soldiers guilty of any misdemeanor were beaten with such a cruelty that many of they were chosen with deadly wounds. They has decided to plant potato in Russia as well under the threat of the :” stick “.

In one of the day, was reported to Emperor : the ordered not was executed the peasants a met the representatives of the power with forks and poles. The peasants from Perm and those of the Veatca, Kazan and Orenburg a rebelled. In three districts of thegovernment of Saratov were troubles. Then the Emperor issued a new ordered : all the rebels should beaten and in handcuffs, but the worst should be put in the  handcuffs and after that sent in Siberia.

Neither the sticks and neither of ax of the executioner not convinced the peasants to plant of the potatoes. Instead, the new and fruitful varieties, which was obtained by scientists, were able to convince of the peasants to plant potatoes. When scientists people discovered that from the potato can be obtained starch, molasses and spirits without potatoes could not work either the textile factories, neither those of the spirit. This story brought us the potato and in our country.

Today the potato is recommended by modern medicine for use, it is healthy, nourishing, energetic, allowed to all those predisposed to fattening. It facilitate intestinal function, ulcers, it is healing. The potato contain: vitamin B; C, iron, fiber, magnesium, potassium. Thanks to Vitamin C, potato is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which has a tonic, anti-infective effect, increases the resistance of blood vessels, help in the formation of red blood cells and regulate of the level of blood sugar and cholesterol. The potato provide 12% of the recommended daily fiber requirement and 21% of the potassium to body. Potato contain only 85 kcal per at 100 gram, that is twice as low as other carbohydrates.

The juice which obtained from potato can heal  the arthritis, hepatitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, but  potato starch is an excellent anti-inflammatory for gastrointestinal diseases. Potato juice doesn’t have equal at treating to gastric acid and gastric ulcer. It is an antispasmodic, diuretic, emollient. Diet with potatoes can lower of the blood pressure without adding at weight, according to a recent study.

It should be mentioned that fries in oils are extremely harmful because they contain starch, and the fat burned around starch generates a strong neurotoxin and carcinogen substance called acryl amide. However the potato is a healthy vegetable, as mentioned above, only the way we choose to consume it can turn it into a low-quality, even harmful food

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